Bits of Care.

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Bits of Care logo

A doctor and
on a mission.

The two founders of Bits of Care believe in the potential of data and innovation to improve our healthcare. They combine medical insight with statistical and technological skills to make this happen.

The logo needed to reflect their innovative spirit and synergy between healthcare and technology.

My process.

We start by discussing requirements: company mission, vision and values; desired logo style; color requirements; project timing and budget.

I conduct a modest market research to learn about other players in the industry and how they position themselves visually. Then I start mind mapping and sketching out different concepts. Around 3 to 5 sketches I work out digitally and the client picks the favourite design ♡

This design will be refined, perfected, exported in all the relevant formats, zipped up and delivered, along with a usage guide.

The synergy.

Bits of Care operates on the verge of healthcare and tech. The combination of these two worlds creates a synergy that is key to their company story.

This was reflected in the logo by combining the ‘healthcare plus sign’ with neural network-like shapes representing data connections. Bits of Care connects the right dots in order to enhance healthcare.

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